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This assignment will cover:

  • How culture can influence the perception of and diagnosis of mental illness
  • The ethical treatment of mental illness in culturally diverse populations

This assignment is the fifth in a series of Dropbox assignments that will culminate in a final submission in Week 6. For this assignment, you will read one article and conduct one field application experience. On the basis of the research findings or topics presented in that article and your observations and findings from the field application, create a report of 400–450 words. By Tuesday, September 30, 2014,

Week 5 Articles

Of all the articles provided for this assignment, choose oneClick here to download the articles for Week 5.

Week 5 Field Application: Culture and the Homeless

Visit a homeless shelter, food bank, or any area of the city where there are many homeless people out during the day. Talk to the people around and experience the culture of poverty. 

Alternatively, you could visit a shelter for the homeless and ask the director to introduce you to one or two homeless folks who might be willing to talk to you or give a tour. 

Based on your experience, answer the following questions and include the following information:

  • Compare your expectations and attributes of the poor and homeless. 
  • What you observed about the poor and homeless. 

Note: Conduct your research from the perspective of a field researcher.


In your report, include the following information:

  • Summary: A summary of the article
  • Relevance: A section relating the article to the text or lecture material
  • Reflection: A reflection on the relation between the article and your personal experience
  • Field Application: A summary of your observations and findings from the field application
  • Visual Examples: Pictures and visual references to support the culture being expressed

Each section of the report must be clearly marked with a heading that names the section. Below are additional details about what to include in each section.


In this section, include: 

  • A brief narrative on the main idea of the article read, including a succinct statement of any relevant theories or hypotheses covered.
  • A description of the methods and samples used in the study such as: Who did the researchers study? In what ways did they study them? What tests did the researchers use in their study? 
  • A synopsis of the relevant hypotheses, theories, and cultural issues included in the reading.  
  • A summary of the reported findings/conclusions and their implications. In your own words, offer an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the study that you believe the author claims. 

Relevance to class 

  • Describe the ways in which the article adds new information, substantiates (or conflicts) with information given in the text and lectures, and/or presents a new, but related topic.
  • Describe specifically how and why the article relates to the class. Simply saying this is about culture (or stereotypes or whatever) is not sufficient.
  • Explain whether the article presents new but related topics. What are these topics?

Field Application

Write a detailed narrative of your observations and thoughts during this week’s field experience that addresses, at the minimum, the questions posed. Provide descriptions of the general atmosphere and people with regard to an expression of culture.

Visual Examples
Provide visual references (pictures) for your observations that accurately reflect the culture being expressed. The pictures should be integrated into your report where applicable.   

Submit your report in the APA format. Click here to learn more about APA formatting and style.

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