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Reflection and utilizing feedback are effective methods of enhancing your presentation skills. Write 1 paragraph of self-reflection analyzing how you feel you did on your oral presentation. Consider the following elements, among others, in your reflection: comfort level (e.g., nervousness); articulation (e.g., tone, professional word choices, etc.); and inflection (e.g., if your voice clear).

Write 1 paragraph of constructive feedback for 2 other members of your presentation group. Consider the following elements, among others, in your feedback to peers:
  • Was the presentation clear and well-organized?
  • Were you left with questions or an unclear message?  If so, how could it be improved?
  • What impression did the presenter convey to you as an audience member?
  • Without having seen your group members, what visual image did you get based on the person’s voice, tone, demeanor, and so forth?
  • In what ways could the presentation be improved?
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