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2.) FULLY explain why the correct answer is True or False. ONLY address the questions you got wrong on the quiz. In addition, you must include the following information about particular types of questions on the quiz:

For questions about issue----Explain your answer in terms of the question/answer relationship between the issue and the conclusion. In other words, indicate the conclusion and show that the conclusion answers the issue question.

For questions about issue type---You MUST explain why the correct answer is hybrid, prescriptive, or descriptive by focusing on the main verb of the issue. What is the main verb and why does it indicate a hybrid, prescriptive or descriptive issue?

For questions about reasoning structure (conclusion, reasons)---You MUST provide the reasoning structure of the entire argument by indicating the conclusion and ALL reasons in the argument. Providing this information will explain why the correct answer is true or false for all questions about reasoning structure.

For questions about ambiguity---You MUST explain why the word or phrase is ambiguous or not ambiguous. When applicable, correctly define the word as it makes sense in the passage.

For questions about value assumptions and conflicts---You MUST explain two things---1.)  how the "A value" does or does not lead to the author's position and 2.)  how the "B value" does or does not lead to the oppositions position.  When applicable, you must also explain why the given conflict and/or assumption doesn’t contain actual values.

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Critical Thinking : Wrong Answers Redone
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