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  1. What is the role of language interpretation within the court system and criminal justice system? How does this issue impact the effectiveness and efficiency of court processes and procedures? How can we improve the way in which language interpretation services are rendered in order to improve the overall court processes within the criminal justice system? Explain.
  2. interpreters hired by a court must be highly qualified and accurate.  The testimony given in court could mean the difference between life and death, so accurate questions and answers are crucial.  Do you think this standard is met in most courts?
  3. Do you believe that most jurisdictions do a good job with the use of interpreters?  Sometimes situations arise where a rare language is spoken by a defendant.  Should the state bear the burden of accurate translation in that circumstance?
  4. What are the laws reflecting victim rights? How do the past, present, and future victim rights laws impact court proceedings? What would happen if victim rights laws did not exist? Explain.
  5. Victims often say that it seems that the system focuses more on the defendant, and that victims can often seem to get lost in the shuffle.  While most jurisdictions do seem to include victims, it can be difficult.  What sorts of additional protections/rights would you like to see adopted?
  6. One of the ways Congress has tried to improve victims rights is The Justice for All Act, which was a very serious attempt to put some rights for victims into federal law.  What are your thoughts on the Act?  Does it go far enough?  Is anything omitted from the Act that you consider important?
  7. In our readings this week, there is mention of the "political machine." What is a political machine? How does corruption affect the role of politics and business as it relates to organized crime? What is a specific instance where corruption was evident? Do any of you still see some f these issues occurring in light of today's politics?  How so?  
  8. I had one student put together the fact that one of the "conspiracy theories" with the Kennedy assassination involved organized crime. If the "allegations"  were true about the senior Kennedy, it would interesting to think the family came into money, power, and influence via organized crime, essentially, and later, the young John F. Kennedy (and Robert Kennedy) both were known for going after the mob during their tenures as President and Attorney General.  Kennedy conspiracy theorists say that the mob was involved in John Kennedy's assassination..which again is ironic when take into consideration the elder Kennedy and his previous "business" ties. Good analysis by this former student! So how many of you out there subscribe to the lone gun-man theory (Oswald) acting alone?
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