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Assignment for Sheetal please

These are the postings from my classmates, I need 125-150 word responses to each. Thanks

Classmate Post-

Social media accounts can be used by people in inappropriate ways to rant or spread mis-truths.  I personally do not think we as leaders need to start monitoring our employees Facebook or twitter accounts, but I do think that upon conducting a background investigation, prior to hiring, we need to have access to review their accounts.  If material is present that is racist, bias, sexist, homophobic, etc, then it should be addressed. The administration needs to have a solid social media policy which outlines the expectations and guidelines as to proper behavior and if an employee is found to be in violation, then they can be subject to discipline.

Classmate Post-

I think that a trend which has pledged law enforcement is the use of firearms, both by the police, and the criminals. Police shootings have been plastered all over the news, and they are only gaining more attention by the community. One way personnel can plan for this trend is to provide the right sort of training for the officers who do come in contact with the public. Another way for this issue to be dealt with is by local police department holding a gun drop off program. They did this in a community near me. People come in and drop off any fire arm they have, no questions asked, and the police department will take them. This is an extremely effective way to get the guns off the street. I think that there needs to be a change in racial inequality between the police and citizens. We need to have a better working relationship with the community and law enforcement and trust needs to be restored where it has previously been damaged.

Classmate Post-

I believe the best way to fix the issues with law enforcement and the community, that has grown negative is some areas is to make changes in policy and education. Officers should be trained on how to handle situations and what their policies are for them to follow. This happens in most cases across the board with law enforcement. But law enforcement should take the steps to show the community and society how and way they act the way they do in situations. I have seen videos in which officers have taking leaders of the community through shoot don't shoot drills. This is a good example of training for society. That can break down bad and harsh feels. Because they understand what officers are going through when the make their actions.

Classmate Post-

With regard to prison overcrowding - am I the only one who questions whether some inmates are repeat offenders because they have a better life in prison than out? Granted, I would not personally say that I feel prison life is preferable, but then I have never been homeless or living where the conditions were unacceptable. Not having spent a night in prison, I can't be certain, but I think our prisons are a little too accommodating to their "residents". 

I was under the impression that the only inmates being released early were those who were sentenced to longer terms with outdated sentencing guidelines. Those guidelines have since been revised and drug offenders who feel that their sentences were too harsh for their offense, can apply for their sentences to be reduced to meet the new terms. If they are released early, chances are they will either be deported, as many are illegal immigrants or their offense is cause for deportation; or sent to halfway houses. If this information is correct, then we have no cause for concern that hardened or violent offenders would be released early. Has there been any indication that our prisons would consider early release for them as well?



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