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  1. What are the grounds for termination of parental rights:


Child of any age has been in foster care for 15 of the most recent 22 months, unless exceptions apply


Child is an abandoned infant


Parent has committed, aided or attempted the murder or voluntary manslaughter of a sibling of the child


Parent has committed a felony assault resulting in serious bodily injury to the child or a sibling of the child


All of the above

  1. A criteria for transferring a juvenile to criminal court? 


Youth’s age and criminal sophistication


The youth does not have a responsible parent


The youth’s previous delinquency history


All of the above


Both a and c

  1. The goals of juvenile corrections include:


Retribution, just deserts, punishment, and restorative justice.


Incapacitation, just deserts, incarceration, and retribution.


Retribution, incapacitation, punishment and rehabilitation. 


Retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation.


  1. The two types of blended sentences are: 


Blended and exclusive


Inclusive and exclusive


Exclusive and dual


Dual and inclusive


  1. What are the goals of probation?


Protect public by supervising and controlling juvenile conduct


Hold juveniles accountable for their actions and improve the delinquents’ behavior through rehabilitation. 


To make juveniles pay for their crimes


Both A and B


  1. What is reentry also known for?


Parole or aftercare


Going back to prison




Community Service


  1. The two components of reentry are?


Services and supervision 


Selective Incarceration


Intensive intervention while incarcerated, during transition into the community and while under community supervision


Both a and c


  1. In what instance can a parent be criminally charged for child abuse or neglect?


When the parent(s) has committed a harmful act against the child 


When the parent(s) is unemployed.


When a child is struggling in school.



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