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Need in two hours 150 words per question, scholarly reference


Criminal Justice Trends

  1. What is an example of an past/current trend that has heavily impacted the criminal justice environment? How do past, current, and future trends impact the connections with society? What would happen if these connections were severed or lost? Explain.

    Organizational Behavior

  2.  What are the common organizational behavior concepts employed by criminal justice organizations? How are these organizational behavior concepts utilized on a daily basis within criminal justice settings? Compare and contrast the criteria needed for these organizational behavior concepts to be successful within the criminal justice arena.

    Critical Thinking

  3. What is critical thinking as it applies to the administration of criminal justice? How does the relationship among ethics, critical thinking, and behavior impact the criminal justice system from an administrative standpoint? How can we improve the relationship among these areas within the criminal justice system (law enforcement, courts, and corrections)?

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