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100 word response and scholarly reference for each question - Need in 3 hours

chapter gives a brief description of a bureaucracy.  What is it about bureaucracies that make them inefficient and slow to respond to changing needs and stakeholder demands?

What driving forces have instigated the most change in criminal justice agencies over the past decade? Your responses should have a factual basis, not opinion.  Cite your supporting documentation.

Do the three justice components (police, courts, and corrections) constitute a true system or are they more appropriately described as a process or a true nonsystem? Defend your response.



What are the legal and historical bases for a justice system and its administration in the United States? Why is the conflict-versus-consensus debate important?



What are some of the substantive ways in which public-and private-sector administration are similar? How are they dissimilar?



What elements of planned change must the justice administrator be familiar with in order to ensure that change is effected rationally and successfully?




Which method, a rational process or just muddling through, appears to be used in criminal justice policy-making today? Which method is probably best, given real-world realities? Explain your response.

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