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Write a 1,050-word paper on successful community problem solving. APA, 3 scholarly references

Need in 48 hours


Include the following in your paper:

  • Identify a specific problem in your community that has been solved through a law enforcement initiative.

  • Base your paper on an interview you conduct with the person or persons responsible for creating and administering the program.

    • Note: If you are unable to conduct the interview identified above, incorporate the questions you would have asked during the interview and why they are relevant to this specific problem.               

      Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines:

  • Include an opening and closing paragraph

  • Include a Reference Page

  • Include research reference citations

  • Quotation marks for directly cited quotes

  • Note: See Instructor Polices for research requirements (e.g., direct quotes and paraphrased material, etc.)

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Criminal Justice-Problem Solving + 1050 words+Original+Reference
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