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Write 1 html page, using html, css, and, optionally, jQuery or javascript.

You may use a third party program to help you produce your page, as long as you can explain what you did.

This is how you will get your grade on this project:

- [5pts] Use of at least 5 html tags (exclusive of the basic html structure). Example: div, span, img, a, table + tr + td, h1/h2/h3, ul/ol + li, ...

- [5pts] Use of at least 5 attributes on the tags. Example: src, href, target, width, height, align, valign, type, border, cellspacing, cellpadding, ...

- [5pts] Use of at least 5 styles. Example: background*, border, padding, margin, font*, text*, width, height, ...

- [2pts] Use of inline style (style="...") and class (class="...", with <style> in the <head>).

- [2pts] As bonus for your work above and beyond the specifications above.

- [1pt] For the general design of the page.

Note: if you have supporting files like images or css, submit them as well. Submission is available for files with extension htm, html, jpg, png and css.

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HTML Page with Images
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