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Please submit a short course summary with three headings: Concepts Learned, Concept Application, and Application as a Healthcare Manager.

Please write an overview of the concepts you learned during this course  (Concepts Learned), write how you will apply the concepts (Concept Application), and finally write about what you will do as a current or future Healthcare Leader (Application as a Healthcare Leader). 

Please use the three headings as identified above.  Evaluation of this assignment is purely on content and demonstration of learned concepts.  Please cover at least five new topics you learned in this summary.

Five topics learned: 

  1. four ethical principles
  2. employment discrimination
  3. technology affect maintaining confidentiality of medical record
  4. importance of Compliance program
  5. ethical responsibilities of an administrator responding to a breach

Min. number of words: 650

APA format

Atleast 2 peer reviewed references

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