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I need the assignment below by 21st-05-14. One day can be added considering the progress made by the writer. Harvard referencing is required. Willing to offer the writer 10$ more if the work is really good. Only those writers contact me who can do good work, I really don't want those who have no track record here on this website

Note: Must get quality work with preview and proper daily updates and that is the reason I am willing to pay that much amount because if I wont get good marks in this subject it can seriously affect over all grade. This is my first time here and if the writer can provide me great work then I will definitely come back for my finals in two weeks. The assignment is below: 



Corporate Security – U21156



You are required to submit TWO 2000 word artefacts (+/- 10%); ONE from Part 1 and ONE

from Part 2.


The unit assessments will comprise an essay and reflective commentary, and an academic

report addressed to a company director.


The essay will be focused on the challenges of doing business in a fast changing, globalised

world. Its purpose is to introduce students to background trends in the strategic delivery of

corporate security. They are also asked to prepare a short reflective commentary linking

those trends to their day-to-day professional concerns.


The aim of the commentary is to help the student reflect on what they learned and where

their thinking has taken them, and to see how well they have been able to link broad trends

in the threat environment and/or in the business environment to their direct professional

environment or professional aspirations.


The academic report will have a more pragmatic focus, relating more directly to workplace

objectives and issues. It should be based on a review of academic literature supplemented

by other relevant documentary sources, with the overall aim of making ‘good practice’

recommendations for workplace implementation.





Part 1 (50%)

Essay (1,500 words) and reflective commentary (500 words)


1. Critically discuss the implications of the enterprise risk management agenda for the

delivery of corporate security.


2. Critically discuss how the skill set of the corporate security manager needs to develop in

order to meet the evolving requirements of the business world.


3. Critically discuss the reasons for the substantial growth in commercial security goods

and services, and evaluate where the major areas for future growth might be.


Prepare a short reflective commentary linking the trends you have discussed in your essay

to your day-to-day professional concerns (or career aspirations).











Part 2 (50%)

Academic report (2,000 words)


Choosing ONE of the corporate security functions listed in the unit (physical security,

information security, etc.), critically discuss the key features of an effective strategy for its

delivery, making reference to examples from your own or another organisation or the wider



The report should be constructed to the same level of academic scholarship as that applied

to the essay. Its format does not need to be substantially different to that of the essay,

although it should be noted that the key features of a report relate to their intended

audience. Reports are directed at busy people, such as corporate managers, who are likely

to skim read them rather than give them the careful reading normally afforded to a

traditional academic paper. They therefore incorporate features to aid the 'busy' reader,

such as headings and figures/tables, an example layout being as follows:


? Title page;

? Contents page;

? Executive summary (providing a short summary of the whole report, section by section)

and/or Introduction (clarifying the topic and outlining the structure of the report);

? Main body divided into thematic headings;

? Conclusions and recommendations.


Figures and tables can be employed within the main body to present any relevant material

visually. If using these, they need to be numbered and labelled, introduced within the text

and an explanation given as to what the figure/table shows.


Despite these distinctions, the primary focus of the marker will be the usual concerns about

quality of sources, relevant content, clear structure, appropriate referencing, etc.


For an example of an academic report, see:


Newburn, T. (1999) Understanding and Preventing Police Corruption: Lessons from the

Literature, Police Research Series Paper 110, London: Home Office, available at

gpdfs/fprs110.pdf (accessed 14/5/13).

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