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Choose from the selection of links below to search for a technical product or service published no longer than 6 months ago.

Use communication techniques to distill the content down to the most salient aspects of the product from the article and related product information sources.

Create a flyer of no more than 2 pages or website describing the product or service and its application.

Refine the product’s technical data using at least one of the techniques described in this week’s reading.

Refer to the following websites for new technology products and services:

Think of something that might accompany a product on display in an electronic retail store if creating a flyer.

Refer to the ERR article, “How to Talk About Technology,” for communication strategies, including:

  • Pictures
  • Analogies
  • Testimonials
  • Proper organization or outline

Include a note at the end of the flyer or website to indicate what techniques you have used to deliver the technical information to nontechnical audiences.

Submit the flyer or the website documents. If you publish the website on a space, submit the URL of the website.

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