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Your assignment is to write a program in Nasm that solves the Towers of Hanoi problem. Your program should ask the user for the number of rings to solve the problem for, then it should output the moves needed to move the given number of rings.


To make this easy to grade, turn in only your hanoi method and any other new methods you write to solve this problem. I do not need to see the entire file of mysubs.asm, so cut and paste hanoi out of it (if you have it in that file, and any other new routines you have written, be sure to include your main program also) place all of your *new* code in a file, lab7.txt including a script of the testing of your program with runs of 1, 2, 3 and 0 as number of rings. You should not include routines you used in assignment #4 and assignment #5 , and assignment #6 in your uploaded text file.

You must use a makefile for this program, it would be similar to this makefile . This will save you a lot of time assembling and linking your program with multiple files.

Upload to blackboard:

  1. Your text file, lab7.txt, that contains your script of your output and the main program and any other *new* subroutines you wrote for this assignment, do not include routines that you already have had written.
  2. Be sure your script has tested your main program with 0, 1, 2, and 3 rings.
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