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Length: 750 words; minimum of 5 paragraphs, 2 topics, and 3 criteria

Write an essay from approved topics below. Pattern can be Point-by-Point or Block.

1. An expectation and its reality

2. Coverage of the same news story by two newspapers or magazines

3. Two kinds of classes or training

4. Two pieces of technology or two pieces of sports equipment (older vs newer)

5. One of today's popular entertainments and one from an earlier era

6. Two movies; a book and its movie, and its sequel

7. Two advertisements

8. Compare a sterotype with its reality

9. Compare an expectation with its reality

10. Compare advertisement of a product with the actual product

11. Compare two pieces of art or entertainment

12. Compare languages, countries, cultures, cuisines, lifestyles

13. Compare two public figures, leaders, role models

14. Compare lifestyle/culture today compared with parents or grandparents

15. Compare today's popular television series with series from a decade or two earlier


Note: Professor doesn't like too much sentences that starts with The, It, They, You, etc. Use action verbs not is, are, was, were.

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Compare and Contrast Essay
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Two advertisements/13. Compare two public figures, leaders, role models 2 IN 1
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