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Question one

One of the most frustrating situations in the professional world is to work with someone who is not professional. This often makes the work environment a disheartening one. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the work environment was unprofessional? How did you handle the situation? Share an example. If your work experience is limited, consider a time when you were working with others in a different context, such as school or a club. Also, address how you can combat this in the future with effective communication skills.

Question Two

Social media (e.g., email, blogs, Facebook, Skype, Twitter) has played a major role in changing the way that we engage in interpersonal communication. As we have learned this week, communicating through electronic media is referred to as mediated communication. There are pros and cons to using mediated communication in our interpersonal relationships. How has mediated communication improved your interpersonal relationships? How has it hurt them? Provide examples to illustrate your point.




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