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Part 2: People vs. Computers

Artificial intelligence is a popular topic in science-fiction movies because it addresses an important question, are humans unique? That is, is consciousness a fundamentally human experience?  

Click here to learn more about artificial intelligence.

Create a report that includes information regarding the most important issues surrounding artificial intelligence and the mind-brain problem. The objective of the report is to introduce the concepts of artificial intelligence and the mind-brain problem to administrators and staff in a way that is contemporary and interesting. In your report:  

  • Describe the information processing tasks that computers can do better than people and tasks that people can do better than computers. 
  • Create a comparison chart for the way people and computers “think.”
  • Describe whether these differences are quantitative or qualitative. 
  • Explain how these differences can be accounted for by the concept of the mind. For example, explain whether the mind or consciousness is distinct from the brain, an extension of it, or a myth. 
  • As computers improve, can a mind or consciousness emerge? Explain.  
  • Provide your opinion on whether the concept of computer consciousness will become possible in the foreseeable future. Explain.  

The report should be 3–5 pages long. Submit your report in the APA format.

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