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Part 1: Advertisements

Certain aspects of advertising have made an art form out of misleading and deceiving susceptible people. Misconception occurs when the meaning conveyed to the observer is different from the literal content of the message. Deception occurs if the conveyed meaning is inconsistent with the facts about the product, regardless of what the ad states.

Write a 2–3-page summary, including:

  • A definition and at least one picture example of each of the four types of deception in advertising:
    • Elliptical comparative.
    • Implied causation.
    • Pseudoscience.
    • Implied negativity.
  • A narrative discussing how deception in advertising can affect people behaviorally, cognitively, and attitudinally.

Part 2: Problem Solving

Interview a well-respected leader and problem solver. He or she may be someone who works in your area of interest. Write a 2–3-page paper that includes: 

  • A brief biographical sketch of the person you interviewed stating his or her name, age, occupation, academic background, and most memorable achievement. It would be helpful for the reader to have a picture of the person who was interviewed. 
  • Details regarding the specific personality characteristics and cognitive strengths that contributed to his or her success. 
  • A description of the obstacles that the person had to overcome to achieve the desired level of success. 
  • A summary that includes your opinion on at least five steps and/or abilities that you think are most important in problem solving and decision making. 

Submit your report in the APA format.

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