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Part 1: Heuristics

In the context of heuristics, describe the following types of heuristics that people commonly employ with examples:

    • Availability Heuristic
    • Representative Heuristic
    • Anchoring Heuristic 

  • List one cognitive benefit and one cognitive disadvantage of relying on each of the heuristics listed above.
  • If there are problems using heuristics, then why does the brain utilize them so frequently? Explain.
  • What are the likely strengths and weaknesses of using heuristics in your line of work? (Be specific to your career and provide at least one example of a strength and weakness.)
  • How are heuristics similar to Gestalt grouping principles?

Part 2: Creativity

  • Provide a basic definition of creativity.
  • Describe the important characteristics of a creative idea or a product.
  • Explain the steps or processes that help people become more creative. 
  • Explain what, in your opinion, the steps or processes are that interfere with creativity.
  • Provide one picture example of creativity and one unoriginal/noncreative picture, then clearly explain why one is considered creative and one is not.
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