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Mr. Anderson, a close friend of yours, has recently experienced a traumatic brain injury leaving him with several cognitive deficits. He reports no memory of the accident and appears unable to recognize the extent of his own deficits. Professionally, he was a graphic artist. He had, for the most part, done his work the “old-fashioned way,” although he had recently learned to develop much of his artwork via the latest graphic design software.

Now, Mr. Anderson seems confused when asked to complete certain assignments, but once he gets the pencils in his hand, the artwork just seems to “flow.” Despite being able to maintain much of his artistic ability, he is unable to utilize the latest computer programs.

Generally, Mr. Anderson has a difficult time remembering the names of certain objects but he can use them correctly when they are placed in his hand.

Keeping the above scenario in mind, create a report that includes the following: 

  • A flow-chart noting the different types of memory systems in long-term memory. 
  • A 2–3 page narrative describing: 
    • What is most likely wrong with Mr. Anderson.
    • Which memory systems are likely to be damaged.
    • Which memory systems are likely to still be intact.
    • An alternate line of work for Mr. Anderson. Explain why. 
  • A summary stating which memory system you feel is the most important. Explain. 

Part 2: Long-Term Memory

Describe an aspect of memory most professionals in your field of study (use your own career/discipline here and be sure to clearly state it) would not intuitively know about and how it is applicable to the job.

  • Explain the personal and/or professional impact and/or significance of this type of memory.
  • How can memories be distorted and falsified?
  • Describe how context, mood, and chemicals impact storing and retrieving information in long-term memory. 
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