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Part 1: Functions

The information processing model of the memory was initially developed by comparing the human brain to that of a computer. Some cognitive scientists believe that the human brain is just a very complex computer (stimulus-response machine).  

In this context, create a report that describes your opinion on the position mentioned above. Explain in about 200 words whether you support this position or whether you believe that you are more than just the sum of your nervous system. Also include the following in your report:  

  • Definition and examples for each term mentioned below and a comparable computer system. 
  • Create a chart comparing and contrasting the following elements/functions of human memory with that of computer memory: 
    • Sensory memory
    • Short-term memory
    • Working memory
    • Long-term memory 

Part 2: Interactions

  • Describe the impact of the following drugs on the different aspects of cognitive performance:

    • Ritalin
    • Marijuana
    • Alcohol 
  • Explain using examples.

  • Provide appropriate narrative on the use of these drugs.

Click here for more information regarding the effects of certain drugs on the brain. 

Submit your report in the APA format.

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Memory: Functions and interactions
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