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The following should be at least 6 pages in length excluding charts and graphs and should include an introduction and conclusion summarizing the findings and possible recomendations

Review Coca Cola latest cash flow statement and compare it to Pepsi Cola and Nestle Waters to determine the financial health of the company. Consider risk & return and the time value of money as well as What have you learned about the company by reviewing company statements? Is there information in any of these statements that concerns you? If so, describe your concern and why this is a concern for you?. How can management use this information moving forward? potential for growth in the markets and any special risks those markets may pose, and risk management techniques for managing those risks effectively.

Perform a financial statements ratio analysis of the company and compare to Pepsi and Nestle Waters.The ratio analysis should include:

a) a 5 year trend analysis of each company and compared to the industry averages

b) a competitive analysis of the selected major competitors using four main standards: profitability, liquidity, debt and return on equity.

Analyze the following elements and compare it to Pepsi Cola and Nestle Waters: a) Each company’s capital structure b) Cost of capital, capital structure, CAPM, cash flow, value of common stock and MVA

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