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CJ408 Criminal Justice Research Methods

Project D: PowerPoint Presentation - DUE April 29th at 5pm (1700)

Project “D” Instructions

Upon completion of the research proposal, you will create a PowerPoint presentation.  As your final writing project.  Slides should include a title page, overview of your proposal, hypotheses, brief overview of the literature, research methodology, and references.  This project will vary in length but it is recommended that you have a minimum of TEN slides excluding references.

Use a minimum of TEN slides that clearly present the components of your research proposal including the research topic, hypothesis, literature review, research design, and references.  Utilize your previous writing assignments and formulate an outline of each to help you capture the high points of your research.  Keep your presentation to a maximum of 20 slides with the final slide as the research references you identified in your work.


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CJ408 WK#8 Crim...
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