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Due April 4, 2014

5-7 pages to include Title and Reference Pages

Project B: Review of the Literature

DUE  April 4, 2014

The final product for Project B should be approximately five to seven pages.

Project B addresses the related research on your topic (Same topic from previous assignments).  One reason we conduct a review of the literature is to make sure that our research proposal is original and not just a replication of work already conducted.  The literature review is a discussion of studies, research reports, statistics, etc. that are related to your research topic.  You should include a review of the most pertinent and recent research articles from professional journals.  Begin your literature review as soon as possible as this process is time consuming and make take you longer than you originally planned.

Project “B” Instructions

Provide a review of at least EIGHT research articles on the topic you have selected (Psychological Area).  You will want to select articles that are scholarly and/or empirical.  A good literature review should tie previous research together in some logical way and should acknowledge the importance of your intended research.  The literature review should provide a synthesis of the articles you select rather than a series of article summaries.  


  • EIGHT scholarly sources are utilized. Information is synthesized throughout the paper.
  • The literature review has a strong introduction, main body, and conclusion.


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