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From the suggested project options listed provide a draft summary of which option you are choosing and your rationale for this option choice. This draft summary must include a brief abstract of the option you have chosen, your goals and objectives for the project, how you will organize the project, and why this project is necessary for the organization/discipline you have chosen. Your draft summary should be a minimum of 600 words and include a minimum of 3 outside supporting references. Summary should be presented in APA format. Project Options Option 1: Develop a proposal for transforming the organization from paper medical records to a paperless clinical medical record or Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Option 2: An outpatient or physician clinic has requested development of an effective billing, coding and reimbursement process. Included in this process is the selection of an effective computer and software program for claim submission. Option 3: A local health system is looking to offer a program in healthy lifestyles for their patients. You have been charged with the development and implementation of a health, fitness and nutrition program for the organization. Option 4: Your local health department has been charged with developing an emergency preparedness plan for natural disasters and pandemic communicable disease prevention. You have been asked to consult on this plan.
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