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Project Directions:

This project has two parts. The first is comparing and contrasting two curriculum models. The second is identifying a curriculum model you consider effective and/or more closely aligns with best practices in early childhood theory.

Part 1:

Compare and contrast two specific curriculum models used in private or community schools. Identify and briefly summarize your selected curriculum models: some possible considerations are the operation, delivery, and/or model organization. Then describe how each model reflects a minimum of two curriculum components (outlined in our textDevelopmentally Appropriate Practices 5th ed.; see partial list of examples below from Setting the Stage).

Additionally, include two to four resources that synthesize each curriculum model with early childhood theory, current trends or best practices from our course readings or other relevant, reputable sources. Your choice of models include, though are not limited to, the six models presented in the Unit 2 Readings: Children’s Comprehensive Model; Creative Curriculum, High Scope, Reggio Emilia, Tools of the Mind, and CSEFEL (Social/ Emotional Learning).

Examples of curriculum components from Setting the Stage:

  1. Environmental Design: arrangement and usability of space including learning centers

  2. Support for play

  3. Support for social/ emotional development

  4. Support for comfort and self-worth: compassionate communication, environmental sound & sensory issues addressed, living elements encouraged

  5. Support for parent communication & family partnerships

  6. Support for student preparedness like posted schedules

  7. Clear expectations for behavior/ appropriate consequences

Part 2:

Determine which of the two models best matches your own educational philosophy and/or more closely aligns with best practices for private or community schools. Provide reasons why the curriculum model could be a more effective model than other possible models. Support your reasons by incorporating proof from your text and/ or other reputable resources that demonstrate your preferred model reflects current research in early childhood theory and includes best practices for private and community schools.

Your paper should be three to five pages long, written in Standard American English, in a 12-point font size (Arial or Times New Roman) with one-inch margins and APA style citations. Include a title page and a reference page (but these are not included in the three to five page requirement) as well introductory and closing paragraphs. Be sure to do a spelling and grammar check of your work.

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