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I need this done in 10 hours!! Anybody who is well versed in this area feel free to do it......I need it done by 6AM NY time on 8/28/2015...Again you don't need my approval if you are well versed in this area and can get it done at the set time and price go ahead and do it!!!

The attached Excel spreadsheet provides a template fo a Cash Flow analysis.  I have provided the full sheet for your possible future use.  In this discussion I have placed sample data in selected cells (highlighted in blue)  for the first month.

1.  Complete the spreadsheet for the year by estimating the cash amounts for the highlighted rows.  Note that the spreadsheet automatically calculates totals so you do not have to remove rows. After estimating the rows create a proforma statement for the following year ( only need a single yearly estimate ).  Provide a summary paragraph providing your rationale for your estimates (  for both the cash in and out).

Use at least 2 references.

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