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study the guidelines for developing cases.( see attachment) Develop one original fictional case study that portrays a specific diagnosis within the categories of: anxiety, somatoform, or dissociative disorders.

The case description must include all of the DSM criteria necessary to diagnose that disorder, but may also include additional symptoms not found within that diagnostic category. Include some demographic background of the fictional case subject. This portion of the assignment should be 2 pages.


Mental health professionals are often trained in one or more theoretical orientations. Each theoretical orientation provides a specific insight into why a person acts the way he or she does. The theoretical orientation also guides the professional's choice of treatment options to address the symptoms presented by the individual to be treated. Several theoretical explanations of abnormal behavior have been described in your readings for this module. Some of these are biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, existential, cognitive, and sociocultural.


Identify the treatment approach for your case based upon the theory you have chosen to explain the disorder. Then  in 3 pages, write your own theoretical analysis of case characteristics in relation to the disorder the case represents.


Write the case and theoretical analysis in a 5-page paper in Word format. Be sure to include an APA style title page and to cite the online course and the text applying APA standards.

Developed one original case that has sufficient and accurate detail, of the elements noted, to enable identification of mental disorders.  
Provided a theoretical analysis and treatment recommendation for the case. The treatment selected flows logically from the theory utilized.  
Supported statements with reasons and research information.  
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources;


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