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Assignment #1

The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that your C or C++ environment is setup for you to be able to write and run programs.

Administrative Details

Due Date: 10/16/2013
Points possible: 100


Write a program that can convert decimal numbers to binary. The algorithm should be one of the methods used in Module 1.

For example:


                                While remainder > 0 {

                                                Find largest power of two that fits into the remainder

                                                Place a 1 in that bit position

                                                Place 0’s in any unfilled positions larger

                                                Subtract it from the remainder to get a new remainder


 User should enter the input number in decimal and the result should get displayed in binary:

For example:

Enter Decimal Number: 5

Output Binary Number: 101


You can assume that the user will enter an integer but you will have to validate to make sure that it is in range. If the integer is not in range then continue to prompt the user until a valid number has been entered. Be sure to follow the coding guidelines.

Please UPLOAD the following into D2L

1) Algorithm/Flow-chart

2) Source Code

3) Executable files

4) Sample Input and Output (screen-shots included will be the best)

5) Known Issues and Limitations

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