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For this lab you will write:

1)       A “MyNum” class that will read “randFile.txt” file and obtain the 20,000 integer numbers

2)      A “Time” class that will return the system time with sufficient resolution to so the time between insertions can be measured

3)      A “Node” class that will encapsulate the integer number and the Time it was generated.

4)      And a “Storage class” class that will contain the all the SORTED Nodes using an insertion sort. 

  1. This class should have a “add” method to add in each node.
  2. And method(s) so the driver class may display the sorted list of nodes

5)      The “main” or driver.


The main() should exercise the other classes, such that the MyNum class assigns a number and the Time class a time to the Node class.   The node is added to the Storage class which maintains an insertion sorted list of the Nodes added from Low to High.  The driver class will complete this process after all 20,000 entries in the randFile.txt have been read.     After completion the complexity of the algorithm should be demonstrated by the times.

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