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Singly Linked Lists


1.      In lab 3 you will read a (large file) ASCII file and by overloading the plus (+) operator add each “word” to your singly linked list.

2.      Then search for a word, entered by the user on the command line,  in your linked list.  

3.      Use a timer to measure the time it took to find the selected word.

4.      The output should display:

a.      The time to find the word

b.      The word if found or “Not found”

c.      The numerical position in the linked list when found.



Note this lab is quite simple as you can “reuse” much of the code from previous labs.   Full credit will be given for this lab if you are able to store the words from the file into a Linked List.    


However, think about writing the code in a manner that allows it to be reused or inherited by a subclass to extend its functionality.   Think about using a template so that your code can store any data type.   Think how you would have done the previous labs differently to make this lab easier.   We are building toward the AVL tree final project and if you design your code well you will be able to reuse much of the code from previous labs.   This will make the final project quite easy and build good professional programming habits.

Lab 3 C++.docx
Lab 3 C++.docx
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