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  • Due on: Mon 25 Nov, 2013 (04:23pm)
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This a project proposal for a C# ASP Project. This Project is due December 2, 2013. The Project consists of making a project that fufills all criteria in the attached PDF. Among those include

*Must have MS Access 2007-2010 to create a local database


*ASP.Net Navigation system thru a Tree View or Menu ASP.Net validation controls that do not allow the user to leave fields in the registration page blank as well as ensuring that the date is entered in the right format.

*. Make use of a style sheet to provide a consistent look throughout the website 

*  ASP.Net state management that will preserve the state of a page after a post back

* The ability to navigate to any other page from any page

Must be able to get done by Dec, 2013

Must be able to speak/type fluent english.

Must contact me .

Price is $80-$125. Depending on how much work is done(styles, fonts, etc..)

ASP.Net Project 2.pdf
ASP.Net Project...
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