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Executive Summary: Conduct a Primary Market Research study. Choose a topic that is relevant to today's student population. You will create a survey form and interview 50 SSC students about your topic. Collect and summarize your
findings and prepare a written report.
      See Format below.

Choose a topic relevant to college level students or to the general public.
* Write a Statement of Purpose. It always begins with the
word , "Determine...."
* Create a survey form. Maximum of two pages. 
      * Your survey must contain a minimum of 10-12 questions
* Attach a blank copy of your survey form to your  final report.
       * Using the form, interview  50 SSC students, friends, family and/or fellow workers etc.
* Collect and summarize the data
* Prepare a formal report with your findings (See format below)

Interview 50 SSC students about their academic aspirations.
"Determine interest on the part of SSC students to complete a four year degree:"
 1. Obtain basic demographics: Gender, age, student...
 2. Are you interested in completing a four-year degree? Yes___ No___
 3. Would they consider remaining at SSC to complete their degree?
If yes, why?____________________ go to Question #3
If no, why not? _________________ go to Question #4 etc.
     Sample Questions to ask:
* Would they continue on to a four year degree?
* Would they choose to stay at SSC and complete their degree?
* Why they would choose to go to another institution?
                                   Report Format: 
                                   * Write a formal report on your findings. (A                                       Narrative: not a POWERPOINT!)
                                   * Use BOLD TYPE for Paragraph Headers.
                                   *  Use normal typeface for text
                              Provide an Executive Overview:
State that management  requested you to survey                                         50 people for the purpose of .....                                       
                                   * State your Purpose for conducting survey.                                         What you wish to accomplish?
                                         * Re-state your PURPOSE at the top of the survey form.
                                    NOTE: You want interviewees to understand what they                                        are responding to.
Provide a paragraph stating the method /manner 
                                       you used to collect data.
                                         * Summarize the results of each survey question in both                                       written and graphical manner: bar charts or pie charts
                                   * Add percentages and actual numbers each response 
                                   * Incorporate a bar graph or pie chart
with each response
Based on survey results what  conclusions do you
                                       derive from the data?
                                     Recommendations: What recommendations will you make to
                                       management based on results?
                                Attach a copy of your survey form to your report.
                                 Reminder: State purpose of survey at the top of the form.

                                   Report shall consist of :
                                   * Cover page;
                                   * 6-8 content pages
                                   * Attach survey form (with purpose stated at top of form)
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