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Need help with this.. As I am completely lost. No clue what to do this on, or where to even begin. I have to submit this by this Wednesday by midnight.

Here is the assignment:

About the Assignment: The student will write a document requesting permission to conduct research in support of his or her topic choice for the formal research-based persuasive report, Assignment 5.


1. You will write an Internal Memo to your supervisor requesting permission to conduct research for your formal research project (Assignment 5). You are proposing a solution to problem in your business.
2. Your memo should be around 300-500 words long.
3. Please include the following formatting standards in your header: To, From, Date, and Subject.
4. Be sure to clearly state the problem that you are addressing.
5. Include a brief preliminary outline (see pg. 251 in your textbook for an example) on how you plan to conduct your research. Please be sure to include what type of research you will be using (primary and/or secondary) and examples of one/both.
6. Be as creative as you wish in regards to format (i.e. sub headings, bullet points, outline) but be sure to cover your topic completely.

Thing to Keep In Mind
1. Consider using a pre-writing technique to organize your thoughts.
2. Be sure to address your message to the appropriate audience.
3. Remember to vary your sentence structure, use proper language, and tone.
4. Decide what type of appeal (emotional or logical) is the most applicable for your scenario.
5. Use the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) found on pg. 226 of your textbook to help organize your message.
6. Strive for no grammar, spelling, or proofing errors.

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