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I think simulation is a decision support system. According to Kelton, Sadowski, and Swets (2015), “Simulation refers to a broad collection of methods and applications to mimic the behavior of real systems, usually on a computer with appropriate software” (p. 1). Kelton, Sadowski, and Swets (2015) also states that, “Simulation is the process of designing and creating a computerized model of a real or proposed system for the purpose of conducting numerical experiments to give us a better understanding of the behavior of that system for a given set of conditions” (p. 5). So because it lets you conduct experiments I think that helps with the decision making process. as a manager you can test several theories to see what choice would benefit the company.

The book covers the software Arena, another software that I was able to find that does simulation is Simul8. To further support why I think simulation is a decision support system, taking right off the Simul8 website it says simulation is a powerful approach to decision making. Kelton, Sadowski, and Swets (2015) also states that, “Today’s simulation projects concentrate on strategic decision making (p. 14). The two software’s, Simul8 and Arena, have many similarities. They both for instance can reflect real life scenarios to improve accuracy. They both also generate results quickly and can show the “what-ifs” for decision making. Because of what both simulation software’s do and how they compare is why I believe simulation is a decision support system.


Kelton, Sadowski, and Swets. (2015). Simulation with Arena (6th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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