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Simulation refers to the broad collection of methods and applications to mimic the behavior of real systems, usually on a computer with appropriate software. I believe simulation is that of a management information system. Management information system focuses on business processes with information technology. Simulation allows for an organization to improve processes through technology. Simulation allows for a business to see processes through before implementation. Simulation is a software that can be used in all organizations. Different simulation software’s offer different benefits, organizations must choose the one that meets their needs best.

During this course we will be using Arena software. Another simulation software that could be used is SimScale. The features of each program are different from the other. Arena offers 1D Simulation, 3D Simulation, Continuous Modeling, Design Analysis, Direct Manipulation, Discrete Event Modeling, Dynamic Modeling, Graphical Modeling, and Monte Carlo Simulation to the consumer. Sim Scale offers 3D Simulation, Continuous Modeling, Design Analysis, Dynamic Modeling, and Motion Modeling. SimScale allows screenshots of models, Arena does not. Arena offers in person training from an expert. Both systems offer a free trial and a free version. Arena aims to improve all business processes. SimScale advertises itself as a part of design validation process for industries such as AEC, HVAC, and electronics. No two-simulation software’s are going to be the same, or any software or programing. A consumer must choose what is best for the needs of their organization.


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