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Case Study 2: Consumer Protection

Martha applied for a loan at two banks.  Martha’s application was denied by the first bank but was approved by the second bank.   Martha believes that the first bank denied her loan application because she is a minority.  The first bank never provided any reason for denying Martha’s request for a loan.  After obtaining the loan from the second bank, Martha soon found herself unable to make the required payments.  Martha went into default, causing the bank to turn her case over to a collection agency.  The collection agency called her night and day and were quite abusive in their collection practices.  Martha became very upset and unable to function at her job.  As a result, Martha was fired.  What are Martha’s legal rights?

Case Study 3: Insurance

Franco owns a pizza pub that also offers delivery service.  On day when the pub was very busy and a driver called in sick, Franco allowed one of his employees, Chris, to use Franco’s personal car to deliver pizzas.  At 17, Chris had only obtained his driver’s license six months ago.  While making deliveries, Chris was involved in an accident that was his fault.  Whose liability insurance is responsible for payment of damages and/or injuries?  Explain the reason for your selection and support it with laws, cases or other appropriate examples.


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