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Read Case 3.2: Battling Over Bottled Water, located here or on page 109 in your textbook. Nestlé holds a 99-year lease for the land that the Sanctuary Spring sits on. While lease-holders are generally understood to be able to make full use of their land, when public resources are involved, they are limited to “reasonable uses.” Review the case study and formulate an argument either supporting or challenging this distinction. Support your reasoning by addressing key ways in which benefits and burdens are being distributed between Nestlé and the community in this case.

One Nation under Walmart" Please respond to the following:

•Read Case 4.3: One Nation under Walmart, located here or on page 144 in your textbook. Next, choose two (2) of the five (5) discussion questions located at the end of the case. Formulate your response and post to the Week 4 discussion. Respond to a peer who answered at least one (1) different question than you did.

"Hot Coffee at McDonald's"  Please respond to the following:


•Read Case 6.2: Hot Coffee at McDonald’s, located here or on page 231 in your textbook. Next, watch the video titled, "Woman Burned by McDonald’s Hot Coffee, Then the News Media | Retro Report | The New York Times” (12 min 17 s), located at


  1. Is hot coffee so dangerous, as the jusry thought? Should a reasonable consumer be expected to know that coffee can burn and to have assumed this risk? Is a warning label sufficient? Is our society too protective of consumers these days or not protective enough?

  2. In serving such hot coffee, did McDonalds act in a morally responsible way? What ideals, obligations, and effects should it have taken into consideration?



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