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For this class, you will be working with a real company or a fictitious one of your own creation that is in a market domain or segment of an industry with which you are familiar. Examples of industries include transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, or the service industry. For this discussion, propose your market domain and explain the reason you selected this market domain. Describe your research approach and your sources of information. What challenges will there be in researching this market domain?

Provide substantive feedback to at least two other students in the class on their market domain selection.



Setting the Stage: Scanning the Marketplace Business Research: Enjoy Creating, Developing and Writing Your Business Project, Chapters 1 and 2

1-1 Discussion

1-2 Short Paper: Background Research Sources and Methods

1-3 Final Project Review 2


Selection of Market Domain: The Past, Present and Future of International Business & Management

Chapters 15, 18, and 20

2-1 Final Project Milestone One: Market Domain Overview


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For this class, you will be working with a real
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