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Joe Jackson owned a saw mill in Stuttgart, Arkansas. It was a family concern that hadn’t changed in 50 years. Having grown up in the business Joe had never really investigated the strengths and weaknesses of his position as Vice President. His father was always the President and he and his older brother Jacob were the heirs. The business was in turmoil because his father’s health was precarious and he was forced to step down. Joe’s brother was expecting to step up to the role of Vice President but Joe knew that was a mistake. The business itself was being quickly eroded because of the sustainability issues facing the world. Joe could see this but not Jacob. Joe needed to have a long talk with Jacob to make him see reason. Either they worked together for the future or Joe would have to take the lead role.

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Richard Purvis has created the Jordan shoe company. It is known for its great specialty tennis shoes at moderate prices. The company is making fun shoes for young children mostly girls. Catering to the age group of 1-12, the shoes are popular in Colorado. The shoes are growing in popularity and Richard is thinking of expanding into other states. Business has grown steadily in the last seven years and its future looks bright. If Richard expands the company he would have to set up two other plants in other states. If he does he will have to reorganize the Colorado plant. The staff has always gotten along because Richard has been able to keep things on an even keel with his personality and concern for their personal welfare. He would have to find someone to take his place and run the plant in Colorado. He wants to set in place a structure which will continue to grow the business while maintaining its quality, reputation, and the happiness of its employees. 
Some additional facts that may help, Purvis currently employs a plant manager, two salesmen, an office manager, two office workers, a bookkeeper, and 12 factory workers. The Salesmen want to move into marketing and to add new sales personnel. The cost of expansion could be done effectively if the current profit level remains and that can only be done if the Colorado plant remains running smoothly.


- 2 paragraphs to answer quation 1 and 2

- 1 paragraphs tp answer quaetion 1

- At least 3 references are needed.

- In text-citation

1). Theme one is to identify the types of cultures or models of cultures and how they work within an organization.

Using scholarly sources, create a chart that describes the type and the characteristics of the culture at the sawmill and the shoe company. Compare and contrast them in your explanation of the chart. For instance what culture might work for Joe at the new sawmill and then, which one might work at the shoe company.

2). Theme two is to continue the leader’s architectural experience by creating a culture for the Jordan Shoe Company.

Establish a culture that will make the structure you have created for Purvis flow and work towards the vision. Remember that in creating a culture where the business is already functioning you want to make sure to start with an OCAI assessment. This will show you how and what needs to be addressed in the structure and the environment of the organization to move toward the values, culture, and the environment that is best for Purvis and his company.

3). Your Personal Application:

Select one model which works best for the purpose of your company, structure, and people. You should evaluate the purpose of your business and how it operates best first, then how you want the people, their personalities and their skills to flow through the structure. What values and which environment will make the workplace enjoyable? Be sure to explain your choice of the culture you selected. Remember that a hybrid culture is always an option.

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