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Please read Chapter 4 Discussion Case: “Chiquita Brands: Ethical Responsibility” (pg. 88-89) and provide responses to the following questions below.  Also view the discussion case support video.




Using the concepts presented in Chapter 3 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a short response to each of the following six questions and provide a reply to two classmate’s posts:


1.Based upon the facts presented in this case as well as from the support video, does the concept of ethical relativism (p. 70) apply to the issue of the terrorist demands? Why or why not?


2.Based upon the facts presented in this case as well as from the support video, does the concept of ethical egoism (p. 76) apply to the managers at Chiquita Banana? Why or why not?


3.Using Figure 4.4 as an ethical base, which of the four reasons might apply in Chiquita Banana’s decision to pay the terrorist?


Nature of Ethical Problem

Typical Approach


Personal gain and selfish interest

Selfish interest versus others’ interests

Egotistical mentality

“I want it!”

Competitive pressures on profits

Firm’s interest versus others’ interests

Bottom-line mentality

“We have to beat the others at all costs!”

Conflicts of interest

Multiple obligations or loyalties

Favoritism mentality

“Help yourself and those closest to you!”

Cross-cultural contradictions

Company’s interests versus diverse cultural traditions and values

Ethnocentric mentality

“Foreigners have a funny notion of what’s right and



4.Based upon the four methods of ethical reasoning presented in Figure 4.6, which method best applies to Chiquita Banana’s decision to pay the terrorist and why?


Critical Determining Factor

An Action Is Ethical When . . .



Values and character

It aligns with good character

Subjective or incomplete set of good virtues


Comparing benefits and costs

Net benefits exceed net costs

Difficult to measure some human and social costs; majority may disregard rights of the minority


Respecting entitlements

Basic human rights are respected

Difficult to balance conflicting rights


Distributing fair shares

Benefits and costs are fairly distributed

Difficult to measure benefits and costs; lack of agreement on fair shares




5.Based upon the three components of ethical criteria presented in Figure 5.1 which component best applies to Chiquita Banana’s decision to talk to ‘60 Minutes’ and why?

Ethical Criteria

Focus of Individual Person



Egoism (self-centered approach)


Company interest

Economic efficiency

Benevolence (concern-for-others approach)


Team interest

Social responsibility

Principle (integrity approach)

Personal morality

Company rules and procedures

Laws and professional codes



6.Should Chiquita Banana be given the “civil death penalty and be put out of business for their actions?  Why or why not?

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