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Week 5 Discussion

Please read Chapter 9 Discussion Case "Stop Online Piracy Act- A Political Battle between Old and New Media" (pp. 207 - 208) and provide responses to the following questions below. Also view the discussion case video.


Using the concepts presented in Chapters 8 & 9 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a one (1) paragraph response to each of the following five questions:

1.Figure 8.1 provides the types of regulation and U.S. regulatory agencies that impact businesses and society. In your opinion, what U.S. regulatory agency oversees SOPA and why?

2.Which of the seven (7) political tactics discussed in Chapter 9 are evident in the case? Provide justification for your choice(s).

3.According to this case, Google “reportedly spent $5 million in the first quarter of 2012 to combat SOPA.” In your opinion, would Google be considered a member of a PAC or a Super PAC?  Provide justification for your comments.

4.In your opinion, what can traditional organizations learn from the new forms of political activity described in this case?

5.The support video identifies two (2) tactics used within American borders. Briefly describe both tactics.

Sustainable Development and the Environment". Please respond to the following topic:

•You have been appointed as the new environmental manager for Microsoft. In a blog post to your key stakeholders, discuss using environmental management as a competitive advantage. Additionally, you must comment on at least one of your peers’ blogs. Be sure to use concepts found in Chapter 11 to demonstrate your understanding of information.

"Technological Advancements and Challenges"  Please respond to the following:

•In a departure from its normal business operations, Apple has recently teamed up with the Celera Genomics Group to investigate the possibility of cloning human organs as part of Apple’s plans to expand into outside domains. As Apple’s new Vice President of Public Relations, you have been tasked with creating a press release to make this decision public and get ahead of any negative press.  Compose a statement to the press to explain Apple’s decision.  Included in your statement should include comments encouraging Apple’s stakeholders to view this support video from the Celera Genomics Group and why Apple is expanding into this new technology.

 A press release statement is typically 150 – 250 words in length.

(Support video from Celera Genomics Group.)


"How to Form and Manage Teams"


•Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “What behaviors do you look for when building your teams?” Discuss what you believe are the most critical things to consider when forming a team. Describe how this may or may not be different from what you thought prior to your readings and watching this video. Give an example of a time when you were on a team that was either well-formed or poorly-formed and give two to three (2-3) reasons as to why you feel this way.



•Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “What is Your Biggest Challenge as a Leader?” Discuss what challenges leaders face today that are different from 30 years ago.

"Managing Conflict and Resistance"  Please respond to the following:


•Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “How do you determine when Organizational Change is necessary, and how do you prepare for employee resistance?” Explain what causes conflict in the workplace and propose how managers can work with employees to break down resistance to organizational change. 

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