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  1. Is evolution a proven fact or a theory? Explain your answer. What ideas compete with evolution to explain population changes? What are some differences between these ideas?


  1. The text suggests that virtually all biologists consider evolution to be a fact. In your opinion, is it really a fact? Is there an evolution debate?


  1. To what extent are humans in a technological environment free from natural selection? Explain.


  1. You are conducting fieldwork, and you discover two groups of squirrels living on opposite sides of a lake. How would you design a study to determine, without disturbing the squirrels, whether these two groups belong to the same species? Explain.


  1. Human culture is changing faster than humans can evolve. What evidence of rapid environmental change do you see locally, nationally, and globally? Explain.


  1. Dear class, which is your favorite evolution theory and why?
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