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100-150 words per question, scholarly reference for each question APA FORMAT

  1. Why do you think there is a difference in population growth between developed and developing countries? What are some social and economic changes this difference has caused in Europe and the United States? What are some measures that developed countries are taking or could take to stabilize and increase populations?


  1. You are studying the community of a small pond and discover two similar species of fish. You believe they may be competitors, but you want scientific evidence to support or refute this idea. How would you conduct research, including studies you might carry out and findings you would expect if your hypothesis were true? Explain.


  1. What are ecosystems? What are two effects of human activities on your local ecosystems? Explain.


  1. What influences have humans had on your local environment, positive or negative? Provide examples.


  1. What are some of the new policies designed to protect the environment in your community? How do they affect your life?


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