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50-70 words each question, scholarly reference

  1. There are four types of inheritance patterns in pedigrees. What would you expect a pedigree to look like for each pattern?


  1. What are the human genome project, cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, and stem cells? What are some pros and cons of each issue? Do you support each issue? Explain.


  1. At one time, organisms were only the size of one cell; they divided and developed into individuals that are made of trillions of cells. Every cell in the human body received a copy of an original nucleus with the exact same genes and chromosomes. All of the cells in the body evolved from a single cell. How do you think the genes could be responsible for cellular differences?


  1. Years ago, a newspaper headline read "Scientists Create Life." Actually, scientists had strung together a chain of nucleotides to make a strand of DNA. This was the first time DNA had been synthesized in a laboratory; it has been synthesized many times since that first headline. Based on what you now know about the characteristics of living things and DNA, why do you think the early story was "Scientists Create Life?"


  1. Someone you know would like to improve his or her appearance by visiting a tanning salon. What are the dangers of going to a tanning salon? How would you explain those dangers? How does going to a tanning salon relate to the structure and function of DNA?


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