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Billboard Project (due on or before the end of this week)

While drivers are absorbed in the actual act of driving, many are texting, talking on the phone, checking their GPS, singing a song, and a range of other distractions. 


At best, a billboard ad has only a few seconds (or less) to convey a theme or message.  This assignment is centered on understanding the connection that marketers are trying to make with the driver as they pass their mammoth message boards.


You will create 10 PowerPoint slides each displaying the following:


  • The first slide will display your name, date, name of project and title of the course
  • one example (per slide) of a billboard ad which expresses a clear theme or concept.  I’m interested in your analysis of what the message the ad is trying to convey (in the notes section of each slide)… include specific marketing terminologies in your explanations
  • I do not want anything on each slide other than the billboard… have it take up the entire slide.  No bullet points… I will rely on your analysis in the notes section
  • try to find high resolution images so the image will not be distorted when it fills up the slide


This assignment is due on or before the end of this week. Essentially, you will research 9 ads and create a separate slide for each one.   You will be graded on the following criteria:


  • on your selection of ads which are effective in conveying the marketer’s desired theme
  • your thoughts of the intended connection with the drivers
  • specific marketing terminologies in your analysis
  • cite the sources of the images


I’m expecting you to explain your thoughts and analysis clearly and professionally.  Here’s a tip… perhaps you can display a billboard which is a poor example and explain how the marketer missed the mark!

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