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1)  Louisiana

            Go to the Louisiana Legislature at  Under Bill Search select other sessions and click on 2018 Regular Session.  Use the bill search to locate HB 579 of the 2018 Regular Session.  Look at the Original bill text.

1)  What is the name of the Representative that sponsored, or authored, the bill?

2)  Is the sponsor a Republican or a Democrat?

3)  According to this bill, who may petition the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners for the addition of serious medical conditions and medical marijuana treatment options?

4) What was the House vote (yeas, nays, and absent) on final passage (4/12/18)?   

2)  Arizona

            Go to the Arizona Legislature at  Click “bills” and select on “bill info.”  Look under Senate Bills for SB 1169 of the 2019 First Regular Session.

1)  What is the short title of this bill?

2)  What date did the governor sign the bill into law? 

3)  Watch the 2/6/19 Senate Health and Human Services video specific to SB 1169 (click on this bill to avoid listening to the entire hearing)  Per the video, how many years was this bill worked on? 

4) Per the above video, how much time was Mr. Stewart Goodman given to testify on this bill?

 3)  Federal

            Go to  Using the current legislation search function, search for H.R. 280.

1) Who is the primary sponsor and are they a Republican or Democrat?

2) How many cosponsors of the bill are there?  How many cosponsors are Democrat and how many are Republican?

3) If this bill were enacted, how long would the Concussion Research Commission have to submit their final report to Congress?

4) Identify 1 stakeholder, or person/organization that has an interest in supporting the bill. Briefly state why you think they would be for the bill.  (This is your opinion, you do not have to do additional research to identify actual stakeholders.  The stakeholder you identify and your explanation of their positions should be rational.) 

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