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The purpose of a is to articulate--to yourself and to your instructor--the objective of your research project. In other words, a research proposal is the presentation of an idea that you wish to pursue. This is most useful to you as a brainstorming tool, forcing you to clarify and organize your ideas before you begin researching and writing. A focused proposal will help ensure that your research process (a sometimes daunting, chaotic adventure) runs as smoothly as possible. Your proposal should be a clear, concise 1- to 2-page document formatted to MLA standards.


1. Write a research proposal draft that incorporates the components listed below.

Your proposal should include,

  1. Background: Begin with a brief, concise discussion of your subject, outlining any important areas of controversy or debate associated with it and clarifying the extent of your current knowledge of it.
  2. Focus: State what aspect of the topic you intend to write on as clearly as you can, narrowing your focus appropriately.
  3. Inquiry: State your research question in all its complexity.
  4. Rationale: Show your reader why this topic interests you and why you want to write about it.
  5. Sources: To show your reader that you can achieve your goal, you need to identify the available and most viable research materials for this project.
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