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 You will be given total freedom in developing your research question; however, your research question must derive from the work you've been doing so far this semester. This means you could conduct research on another aspect of a subject you've already been writing about (for example, animals in captivitygender inequalitycultural tradition, etc.), or you could conduct research on another aspect of an idea or concept you've been examining (for example, the psychology of risky behavior, the use of photography as historical lens, how we define art, etc.). This week you will brainstorm and formulate your research question and locate 8 - 10 sources to aid you in exploring your chosen question. 


1. Formulate a research question worthy of in-depth exploration within the space of an 8+-page essay. Your question should aim to fill a gap in the work you've done so far. Read over your writing from weeks 1 - 5. What issues are circling? What larger question still looms? What do you still need to explore for your time in this class to have been worthwhile on an intellectual and emotional level?

2. Create an MLA-style annotated bibliography that consists of 8 - 10 entries. An annotated bibliography is a useful research tool that serves as a list of sources you intend to use in your research essay along with their summaries and your reflections. You may use up to 3 sources that you have already used this semester in your annotated bibliography, and you may use the reading responses completed in weeks 1 and 2. You may also use up to 2 visual sources (films, photographs, paintings, etc.). You should have a good mix of background sources, argument/perspective sources, and exhibit (or example) sources. Please review the annotated bibliography descriptions and sample entries here and here and here before getting started

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