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Use the following scenario to develop your  responses to the next two questions: Assume that you work in a day care center  and take care of four 6-year-olds. One of the boys, Ethan, frequently disrupts  the classroom. He disobeys your orders, bullies and pushes the other children  in your care, and throws tantrums when he does not get what he wants.

1. Using operant conditioning principles, how  might you structure a behavioral approach to working with Ethan in a way that  directly addresses his problematic behaviors?   What techniques would you use? Be specific and explain your rationale  thoroughly.

2. As a result of your intervention, as mentioned  in question 1, what specific behavioral changes might you expect in Ethan as a  result of employing these techniques? Again, be specific and detailed in your  response.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

3.  Using the  rational-emotive behavior approach to therapy, apply the A-B-C method mentioned  in the course lecture notes to either a real life situation that you have  experienced or create a scenario to illustrate how the realization of beliefs  influence the consequences of behavior. Be sure to clearly label each component  (A)ctivating event, (B)elief, and (C)onsequence in your example to show how  they relate and the progression of the behaviors.  Then take the ABC model full circle and  include the (D)isputing and the (E)ffect of the   disputing process. Clearly explain in detail how each step in the ABCDE  process is playing out in your scenario. 

Responses should follow APA style for attributing sources. Answer in detail each question.

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